Gurung Gal

One of my favourite designers is Prabal Gurung. His clothing has been worn by celebrities ranging from Sarah Jessica Parker to the one and only Michelle Obama. Since I’m in wedding mode (my wedding is next June), I thought I’d post a white dress.


This dress is from PG’s pre-fall 2013 collection. What I love about this item is the shoulder straps which have a unique shape to them and a bit of skin that peeks out on each side. This dress would work well with any body type and any height. The belt would cinch the waist line, accentuating curves and the length  would make you appear taller. It can be worn with your hair up or down, and can be dressed up with beautiful earrings or bracelet.

For those who can’t afford PG’s couture collection, check out his more affordable line, Prabal Gurung for Target, that came out this past February, which Elle magazine’s online site showcases. I just have to post this one item that I would wear in a heartbeat! This would be me in an outfit!Image

Whenever I’m shopping for an outfit, I tend to gear towards black. These days, I’ve been trying to refresh my wardrobe with colourful, vibrant outifts that pop, yet look amazing on me at the same time. Not all yellows work well with everyone’s skin tone. This particular yellow can look amazing or can just not compliment your skin tone at all. Note that since there are other colours of blue, white black, pink and green in the top, there are a variety of colourful accessories that can work well with this outfit. This model is wearing blue earrings and a blue wide bracelet which compliments the dress, but its simplicity doesn’t take away from the amazing beauty of it. Same with the heels. You don’t want to go over complicated such as a gladiator style or an overly vibrant heel. Keeping it simple means that you can make a dress with many fine details stand out. As for what body type works best with this outfit, any type will do. The way the skirt flows down, means it doesn’t hug any imperfections too tightly. If you are not one that likes to show off your arms, a simple black cardigan or blazer would work well with this dress. Also, I enjoy the versatility of this item. You can dress it down with flats, or you can dress it up with heels and some simple jewelry. It can work well for work, after hour drinks, or even a party. The possibilities are endless, and this is why I get extremely excited when I find an item that is as multi-purpose as this one.



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