Trendy Summer Party Outfits

Now that I’ve given you an idea of what to make for summer parties, how about what you will wear?

Ladies, this is a great opportunity to choose something that feels airy and loose-fitted. A great example is this beautiful blush maxi skirt which: works as a nice summer colour; works well with most skin tones; and is a good change from the typical black or grey cotton maxi.


When trying this skirt on at the store, make sure it fits you perfectly at the waist and doesn’t drag on the floor. You won’t be doing yourself any favours if you choose a skirt that’s too tight at the waist and your muffin top pops out over it (that you may or may not know you had), or if you choose a skirt that’s too long, leading you to trip and fall all over the place.

To make this look work for a casual occasion such as this one, it’s best to pair it with a tucked-in tank top or t-shirt. However, if you’ve been working on flattening your stomach this summer (or don’t even need to because you’ve been given the gift of natural abs), another great option can be to wear a cropped top. As for the colour of your top, make sure it doesn’t overpower the softness of the blush skirt. Your options include a print with pink tones in it, a lighter shade of pink for a monochromatic look or just plain white to keep it simple.

If skirts aren’t your thing, you can go with this simple top with a fun armadillo pattern, sold exclusively to Shopbop. I chose a black top because, if you’re like me and food always ends up on your clothes, it would be great for hiding any potentially visible stains.


It’s easy to hide your natural figure in a box-shaped top like this one, so it’s important to stick to a bottom that’s fitted and in a solid colour. A pair of dark blue, red, pink or even white skinny jeans would work well with this top.

To complete your look, a simple pair of sandals like a t-strap style will go well with both outfits. You can even add a long necklace with a geometric shape to go with the skirt, giving it that extra fine detail to tie it all together. Lastly, make sure not to over-accessorize. People want to be jamming to the music, not to all your bangles and necklaces clinking together as you move.

Guys, try something bright like these light blue shorts made of a cotton-twill material – perfect for relaxing at a summer party. You can pair it with a printed, collared shirt or graphic t-shirt in neutral colours such as white, black, navy blue or grey to maintain that relaxed feel.


The great thing about this particular style of shorts is that it goes well with most body types, however, it’s key that they hit your leg at the right length. Shorts that are meant to be knee-length tend to look longer on you if you’re shorter in height. You don’t want those shorts to turn into capris or cropped pants.

If this outfit doesn’t work for you, try going with a colourful and trend-setting top.


A bold, short-sleeved shirt like this Marc Jacobs number may be a far stretch from what you’re normally comfortable wearing, but once it’s balanced out with neutral bottoms like a pair of slim-fitted khaki pants or dark denim jeans, your shirt won’t seem so overpowering.

These outfits are simple, yet vibrant and can work well on pretty much anyone. If you’re more of a hefty fella, you can substitute a slim-fitting pant with a straight-legged pant. By sticking with a loose-fitted top, it will keep any imperfections that you may be conscious of from showing through. Once you’re looking great and feeling good, tie it all together with a pair of casual shoes such as boat shoes, espadrilles or sandals.

Clothes can represent how you feel about yourself. Choosing bright colours and prints, as opposed to the basic white tee and jeans, can brighten your mood and add that extra bit of confidence boost that you need for the day! xo


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