Quick and Easy Lasagna

Looking for a quick meal to fix up tonight? Everyone loves a good lasagna dish, but I thought I would change it up by showing you this amazing No-Bake Lasagna recipe I found on the Martha Stewart website.


The bright colours of the grape tomatoes and the basil make this a perfect summer dish. Not having to bake the lasagna means you get to spend more time with your loved ones and less time in the kitchen.

What’s wonderful about this dish is that you can buy each ingredient fresh at your local Farmer’s Market. It’s a healthier route to your usual bolognese sauce and extreme amount of cheese, and includes one of my favourite herbs – basil!

I’m a huge fan of basil. You can eat it raw in a caprese salad (bocconcini cheese, tomato and basil) or use the dried up herbs to cook it in with your meal. You can find this sweet, aromatic herb at your local grocery store in a tiny pot, in small packages or in the dried herb section. Keeping these delicate leaves fresh can be tricky. One neat idea is to chop them up and freeze them in your ice cube tray so that it’s ready to use for your next meal!


If you’re looking for a healthier route in making this dish, you can switch to whole-wheat lasagna noodles instead of the regular kind. Also, if you’re not a fan of zucchini (like me), you can switch to eggplant, instead.

Just a Tip

If you want to ensure that you’re maximizing the amount of flavour in your dish, a helpful tip to remember when cooking pasta is to make sure it’s perfectly seasoned by adding a hefty amount of salt to the water, giving it that beachy salt watery taste.


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