Work hard, look good

It’s another work week and you’re planning out what to wear. If you’re the type that has to wear a suit for work or just like to add a little class to your outfits, check out my stylish picks below.

Ladies, if you’re trying to find a suit that doesn’t look too corporate yet still looks stylish, focus on a colour that’s outside the usual grey and black tones. This navy chenille suit by Phillip Lim has a gorgeous deep tone and shimmer, giving you that perfect edgy and sophisticated look!

navy chenille suit - phillip lim

I believe anyone can look good in this tone and shape. It’s important that when trying on suits at the store, you’re able to move around comfortably in the jacket, and the buttons don’t look as if they’re about to pop off! If this particular style pant is not your thing, try pairing the jacket with a pencil skirt or a black cigarette pant. These pants will hug more at your waist and loose around the legs, giving you the appearance of longer legs and a proportioned body throughout. You can also wear heels to give yourself the appearance of even longer legs!

Want to turn your look from day to night? Wear a flirty sleeveless blouse underneath the jacket, along with a statement necklace. Once the day is over you can remove the jacket and be ready for a night out on the town!

Guys, try wearing something other than your usual well-tailored suit. Sticking with Phillip Lim’s amazing Fall/Winter 2013 line, I found this perfect grey felted wool jacket and riding pant combo.

phillip lim - grey felt suit

The wool material and relaxed structure will make you look effortlessly chic. As usual, you should ensure that the sleeves are the right length and the jacket doesn’t go past your shoulders to make you look like Frankenstein. Basically, you don’t want it to appear baggier than it really is. Since this suit is ready-to-wear, you may want to consider visiting a tailor to fix up the length of the sleeves, pant leg and jacket if it doesn’t fit right. To tie this look together, wear a slim-fit dress shirt underneath along with a pair of dress shoes and you’ll be set.

For an alternative look, you can switch the dress shoes with black military boots like this one by Gucci. The boots give you that extra edge, perfect for a night on the town or a special occasion. It can also be converted into a casual look by ditching the jacket and wearing a simple V-neck t-shirt or with a simple pair of jeans, making it a perfect go-to pair of boots that will last throughout the fall season and into the winter.

This post was intended to give you some ideas on updating your selection of suits with one that has a pop of colour or a different texture, giving you that extra edge. Some men and women tend to choose suits based on it simply being the right size, disregarding the possibility of it appearing boxy and shapeless. If chosen correctly, a great suit will have clean lines and accentuate your figure.


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