Falafel Lunch

Since it’s a new work week, I thought I would look into a great lunch option for those who are adventurous and interested in making meals other than the usual ham sandwich or mixed green salad. After looking into various vegetarian options within different ethnicities, I found falafels to be a perfect dish to prepare for the week.

This Middle Eastern dish has become a popular street food and a great vegetarian option in most shawarma restaurants located in many parts of the world. The best fast food place that serves falafel has got to be Moaz, which I tried during my trip to Paris, France last year. I had a pita stuffed with all the delicious toppings needed to emphasize the deliciousness of the falafels. Unfortunately, Moaz isn’t located in Canada, but it has franchises all across the U.S. and a few spots around Europe.

Moving on to the good stuff, I came across this falafel recipe on The Shiksa in the Kitchen‘s blog site which includes helpful step-by-step instructions and images as you go.


It can take some time and patience to perfect this dish, as you need to get the right consistency and flavouring before you fry them. This particular recipe includes some spices such as coriander, cumin and cardamom, ensuring the falafels turn out authentic and flavourful.

After putting all that effort into making the falafels, the rest is a breeze. There are various ways of serving this vegetarian dish but here are 3 easy meals that will make your lunch that much more exciting.


You can create a pita sandwich by halving a pita bread or Mediterranean pita bread (in whole wheat, if possible), spreading tahini or tzatziki sauce on the inside, and then stuffing it with a few falafels and some chopped up romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and red onions. You can even sprinkle a little bit of cilantro or parsley on top to give it that extra kick of flavouring.


For those who aren’t fans of eating with their hands at work, you can create a salad by ripping apart pieces of romaine lettuce and topping it with chunks of tomatoes, cucumbers, a few thin strips of red onion, a sprinkle of feta cheese and 4 or 5 falafels. For the sauce, try this delicious cucumber dressing recipe to drizzle on top of all that veggie goodness. Black olives also work well as a topping for this salad.


Before frying the falafels, shape them into large, flat patties in order to create veggie burgers. Spread some tzatziki sauce on a whole wheat hamburger bun and top it with 1 or 2 thin slices of tomatoes, thin red onion rings, and a large piece of romaine lettuce or a bunch of mixed greens.

Though falafels are best served fried, they are still a great source of a variety of nutrients such as vitamin B and C, calcium, potassium and iron. If you’re extra careful with your diet and prefer to stay away from fried foods, you can bake the falafels instead of frying them, however, this method makes it harder to maintain its original form.



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