Soups Up!

Since we are still in comfort food-mode (or, at least I am), I started thinking about the different types of food that I tend to crave this time of year. One of my favourite dishes is soba noodles.

Soba noodles are basically the Japanese version for buckwheat noodles. It contains all eight essential amino acids, antioxidants and essential nutrients. So if you’re craving noodles and want to maintain your healthy eating regimen, try soba noodles!

A great recipe to try is Soba Noodles in Mushroom-Ginger Broth I found on The Curvy Carrot’s website.


This recipe may look a bit overwhelming, as it requires a lot of ingredients, but most of them are things you’d have around the house. The only items I’d need to purchase are miso, peanut oil (if you don’t do a lot of Asian-inspired cooking), and the soba noodles.

I also tend to love anything that has ginger in it because I know my tummy will be very happy! Try it out and hopefully it turns out to be a hit! 🙂xo


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