Cozy Coats

It’s that time of the year again! It’s time to take out my winter coat and bundle up! Though I’m not a huge fan of cold weather, I do enjoy wearing coats. From thin collarless coats to thick winter parkas, our options are endless!

Below, are a few must-have coats on my list for both women and men.


This women’s Isabel Marant coat would go with virtually any style outfit you choose to wear for the day. The army green is a nice change from the usual black or white coat. To give yourself a chic and balanced look, make sure your bottoms are either tights or skinny jeans. If you go with a baggier pant, you may come off looking too boxy. We don’t want that, right ladies?

Another coat I loved for women was this teal-coloured coat by ASOS.


What’s interesting about this coat is that it has dropped shoulders, black leather-looking piping, as well as a round neckline. It’s great to have a coat in your closet that isn’t just your basic, structured peacoat. This one in particular will also look best with a fitted pant or tights in order to ensure you are adding some shape to your overall look.

For the ladies that want to stick to a staple black coat, check out this very interesting Korean-made hooded coat, available at Opening Ceremony.


This coat not only has some structure, but its length is perfect for covering up your tush when the weather isn’t too friendly. To give it a little interest, designer Lee Suk Tae added tiny green zippers to the front.

One last coat for the women is the parka.

ASOS Wrangler coat

What I like about this parka by Wrangler, is that it has a belt and the hood is trimmed with faux fur to give it that extra feel of coziness!  As a vegetarian, I can’t say I’ve been good with leather goods, but I try and find faux versions of any item I purchase whenever I can. I love this navy colour, as well, making it another versatile coat. If you want to go casual, you can pair this with your favourite Sorel boots. Since this coat has a belt that helps cinch your waist, it gives you the opportunity to have the option of dressing it up a touch with skinny jeans and a pair of suede ankle boots.

I can keep going on women’s coats, but let’s move onto men’s coats.


Starting with the basics, I found this navy Bond peacoat at Billy Reid. Can we say, “delish”? It has just enough structure and detail to make you look as bold and daring as James Bond himself. To make yourself look even more debonair, add a nice crossed over scarf underneath. Don’t forget your most favourite pair of boots to top off the look!

For the days when it’s not too cold and you want to top off a casual, polished look, try this flannel bomber jacket by Alexander McQueen.


This jacket says, ‘put together’ in so many ways. This is a grey jacket has a button at the top near the neckline to give you the option of a more polished look when it’s buttoned up, or a relaxed, blazer-style with more of a collar by leaving it unbuttoned.

When searching for a cozy coat, a blue jacket like this one by Stephan Schneider can be a nice option.


This Belgian designer knows what’s up! Its description states that it’s an oversized coat, but it would look amazing on just about anyone! Stephan added a hood to what may look like an ordinary coat, and transformed it into a functional, yet stylish coat! I love it.

For something a little more sophisticated, try this Gucci blue-grey wool equestrian coat.

wool equestrian coat - gucci

I love this shade of blue, as it has some warmth to it. The velvet collar gives this coat a more luxurious touch for those who like to look more snazzy. Additionally, the shoulders and pockets give it a more structured feel, making it the perfect choice for formal nights or office wear.

Lastly, you may want to consider something like this warm Tom Ford coat from his Fall/Winter 2013 line, to give yourself a more toned down look.


I like that there are leather pockets and that it’s in a brown tartan plaid print. Besides, who doesn’t want to be styling in a Tom Ford jacket? This coat can go with jeans and a pair of Sorel boots, as well. It can even go with a slightly more dressy look with a pair of suede or leather high tops, however, keep in mind that having a brown coat means you may have to stick to a neutral-coloured pant.

Picking out different types of coats for both men and women wasn’t easy – there’s just way too many to choose from! If you’re having a difficult time finding the right type of coat for you, make sure you first consider what your personal style is like. Do you tend to wear more casual clothes or do you have a vast array of dressy items due to work (or constant partying)? You may also want to take a look at comfort. When it’s cold out, you’ll want to ensure that your coat can provide maximum warmth. A parka or down-filled coat will do. Alternatively, if you’re not one to care too much about staying warm, and care more about looking très stylish, you may want to stick with thinner peacoats or collarless coats. If you’re not a fan of winter, based on the idea of wearing bulky, shapeless clothing, you can stick with coats that have belts to cinch the waist or more of a fitted, structured look so that your body will appear noticeably shapely.

Whatever coat you choose, it’s always good to ensure that it has just a little bit of your personality in it! Whether it be a pop of colour, interesting details or prints, you’ll definitely be noticed for stepping out in style!xo


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