Hearty Holiday Dish

As it gets closer to the holidays, people start hosting their own parties. That being said, as a vegetarian, I tend to wind up eating salad or some sort of side dish. This got me thinking about what my go-to dish would be for a holiday meal, and I figured it out: Eggplant Parmesan. 

This is Jamie Oliver’s recipe with a fancier name, “Aubergine Parmigiana“.

ImageThe eggplant and cheese makes this dish very hearty and a great substitute for meat. I also noticed that people who say they aren’t really into eggplant, always end up loving this dish! The flavours of Italy just dance in your mouth! 🙂

Eggplant parmesan recipes tend to be very simple to make, though may become a bit time consuming (depending on the method of preparation the recipe calls for). I’ve tried ones where you need to cut up slices of the eggplant, pat each one dry (which is very tedious and takes FOREVER), fry, layer and bake. Thankfully, this recipe isn’t as tedious but still requires some care to ensure you are getting the maximum flavour out of each ingredient. Another differentiation to this recipe is that Jamie grills the eggplant before baking the overall dish, making it a much healthier way of cooking the eggplant.
One thing I’ve realized is that however long it takes for me to make any type of eggplant parmesan recipe, it always ends up turning out delicious!! Choosing this as one of your dishes at your parties will ensure that your menu turns out to be a big success – with non-vegetarian and vegetarian guests!xo


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