Layering into Fall

As the days become less warmer and the nights become much cooler, we get ourselves into the fall slumps. For some, it’s a great excuse to cover up, while others try and wear shorts and flip flops for as long as possible. Well, I’m here to tell you that you can have as much fun with your wardrobe going into the cooler months, as you do in the warmer months. A good way to deal with this drastic change in temperature is to wear layers! Below are a few items for both men and women that may help you get through this season.

For those heading into the office, a nice change from the usual blazer, are capes. The structure gives it a tailored look and is best when you want to look clean and refined, but just a bit edgy. The long sleeves keep your arms warm but the cropped cut says you’re not ready for late fall/winter yet. Wear this jacket with skinny jeans for a night out with your girls, or a pencil skirt for a more office look. Capes come in various lengths and colours so it’s easy to find the perfect one that looks best on you!

Inspire Cape / VestFor something more sporty, bomber jackets are a great versatile style to lean towards, as they come in a variety of colours, prints and materials. The one below is a more subdued colour but is still enough of a pop to your usual wardrobe. This jacket is great for just wearing anywhere on a casual day or can even be dressed up with a colourful or glitzy statement necklace, t-shirt, skinny jeans and a pair of ankle boots. Anyway you go, it will work perfect with this style jacket.

ASOS The Bomber Jacket In Jersey

So…what about cardigans? Cardigans can be great for this time of year, as well. But how about something different than your usual button up? The one shown below perfectly captures the idea of your ‘not your average sweater’. The colour just pops and it’s a great fall shade; the knit on it adds just enough warmth to get you through the morning and evenings without giving up your style; and the tassels add a touch of fun and playfulness that you don’t normally get from the basics. Wear this with your most casual pieces such as jeans and t-shirts or camisoles. Or, if you feel like being extra warm, add a long sleeve shirt underneath. This can also be dressed up with a button up shirt (plain or printed) tucked into a nice pair of tapered dress pants.

First & I Tassel Hem Cardigan

Men have a variety of cardigans and sweaters to choose from. There are some really great knits out there in amazing jewel tones like emerald green, turquoise blue or even topaz yellow like the one below. This crew neck sweater comes in this neat cable-knit style but only on a specific section, which takes away much of the bulk that you would normally get. These types of sweaters (crew neck or v-neck) can be worn on their own if you plan on wearing it all day, or ontop of a collared shirt. If you’re going to go with a solid coloured sweater, make sure to add a printed shirt underneath to add some interest to your look. That way, when it becomes warmer later in the day, you can remove your sweater and have a nice shirt to show off underneath. If you go with a really light, thin sweater, make sure your dress shirt underneath isn’t too thick, so that it avoids you having to frequently adjust your shirt’s creases that appear through your sweater!

ASOS Cable Jumper in Cotton

While at the office or for a nights out on the town, guys tend to wear a lot of blazers. I find that it’s always black or blue. Or, if you’re lucky, you’ll see a printed one. What’s big this season are a variety of green tones for men. Continuing along with jewel tones, the blazer below is a beautiful emerald green. It’s not a colour that very many men are drawn to, as it is outside of their comfort zone and that it’s not a flattering colour. Granted, green can be a tough colour to pull off but if you’re one of those that can, you must add it to your wardrobe. When it comes to blazers, it can be pretty vibrant, but if you pair it with basic essentials such as a t-shirt and a nice pair of dark jeans, you’re good to go! You can also wear a short-sleeved, collared shirt underneath, which you can have on once you remove your blazer when it gets warmer during the day. If it’s a printed shirt that compliments the blazer, even better! This may be a big push for men to wear to the office, but it can be perfectly worn on a night out on the town. Other great colours for blazers that were on the top of my list were coral, sky blue, mustard yellow and royal blue.

Nocturnal Skinny Twill Blazer

It was hard for me to narrow this list down for each gender, which is why I had to provide the best array of ideas for my readers. When layering up, it’s easy to look frumpy or too casual. Finding pieces that suit your personal style, height and body shape means you’re going in the right direction. Colours are great in bringing out your eyes, complimenting your skin tone, and even your shape. It’s easy to shy away from colours outside your usual blue, black, grey and white, so make sure the next time you’re at the store, you look at the other colours available in an outfit you like!xo


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  1. The jacket pulls this look together really well, and the blush color keeps it seasonal still. Great post !

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