Monthly Archives: October 2015

Geometric Wonderland

Squares, circles, stripes and other shapes can be found in just about any clothing store you set your foot in. From the brightest of shades to the most minimal of patterns, geometric patterns are the way to go this season. Women This sleeveless dress by Balmain has stripes going in different directions but is still pleasing […]

Chickpeas for Life

As a vegetarian, it’s important to get as much vitamins in your diet as possible. Chickpeas (or garbanzo beans) are a great source of fiber, protein and iron, and can be purchased in flour form, dried or in a can. For those that enjoy and appreciate ethnic cuisine, I thought of going Indian today and […]

Knit Tuck

It’s everywhere. Knits are back and you can find them in all kinds of shapes, colours and styles. Other than your typical¬†cardigan, there are other types of styles that are available to us that will take your look from boring to stylish! This sweater below incorporates grey (one of the season’s top colours), turtleneck and […]

From Portobello to Chanterelle

It’s that time of year again: potlucks and dinner parties! Over the years, I have come to accept that if I don’t bring my own vegetarian dish (which I usually end up eating myself), I’ll be stuck with steamed/roasted vegetables or mashed potatoes (if made with vegetarian ingredients). There are many ways of incorporating a […]

Dresses for Every Occasion

What’s great about dresses? It’s just one piece! Whether you’re trying to find an outfit for work or for a night out, it’s¬†always great to have a go-to dress that you can just slip on and be out the door in minutes – better than figuring out a top and bottom that go together! Luckily, […]