Dresses for Every Occasion

What’s great about dresses? It’s just one piece! Whether you’re trying to find an outfit for work or for a night out, it’s always great to have a go-to dress that you can just slip on and be out the door in minutes – better than figuring out a top and bottom that go together! Luckily, there are some great pieces out this season that are wonderfully versatile and would look great on any body type.

This gorgeous Victorian style dress by Anna Sui can be worn to work, an evening out with friends, or even dinner with the in-laws underneath a simple fall coat or with tights for extra warmth. Since this dress has a lot going on with the frills and pattern, you wouldn’t need that much jewelry so adding large statement earrings or a nice shiny cuff bracelet would be just enough. Just about anyone can pull off this dress if accessorized appropriately. If you have shorter legs, you’ll want to add more height by wearing high heels; and with long legs, you can get away with wearing flats or low ankle boots. Because this dress is loose-fitting, it’s forgiving when it comes to any body shape.

Anna Sui High Neck Dress

Fringe is in and it can be worn in a variety of ways. This particular dress has a gorgeous deep blue hue, incorporating fringe at the bottom to give it the right amount of playfulness. It can be worn to the office under a blazer with a pair of loafers, brogues or oxfords; out on the town with ankle boots or high heels and a with a statement necklace; or dressed down with a pair of flats.

Timo Weiland Knit Fringe Dress

For those that like to show more leg, go for a 60-70’s vibe with a mini dress. This Miu Miu dress has a great punch of colour with a contrasting collar and pocket. If you’re more adventurous, you can opt for a more boxy, mod dress to go with your favourite tights and/or ankle boots! This dress can be toughened up with a biker jacket and boots; softened up with a pair of flats and cardigan; or even dressed up with a simple coat and ankle boots.

Miu Miu Pleated floral-print crepe mini dress

These looks are just an example of the general style and shape that would look great for any body type. Choose colours that compliment your skin tone; prints that aren’t too overpowering for the office; and a length that works for your height. Either way, whether you decide to go Victorian, mod, or all out fringe, you’ll be set for the fall season and looking fabulous as ever!xo


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