Knit Tuck

It’s everywhere. Knits are back and you can find them in all kinds of shapes, colours and styles. Other than your typical cardigan, there are other types of styles that are available to us that will take your look from boring to stylish!

This sweater below incorporates grey (one of the season’s top colours), turtleneck and our favourite cable knit – but in a very interesting way. The lines going in different directions seem to compliment your shape really well, even though it’s more of a baggy style. Pair this with dark skinny jeans or black tights for something casual, or dress it up with a black leather pencil skirt. Parker Tawny SweaterKnits don’t necessarily have to be big and bulky. This maroon shaded sweater by Alice + Olivia is a great example of a knit that can be dressed up and can still make you feel feminine. You can find many sweaters with embellishments, such as like intricate beading or sequin, that give your sweater that extra bit of glam. Pair this with a flounce skirt, pencil skirt, dress pants, or leather shorts for a trendy vibe. Another plus is that having a top with extra glitter means that you won’t have to worry about jewelry!

Alice + Olivia Pandora Embellished Wool-Blend Sweater

Another great option is to get a knit dress. These are great in that you can throw on a cropped jacket and be ready for work, a night out or for just hanging out with your friends. This particular dress is a casual option, but there are also sleeveless knit dresses that are fitted and can be worn for a dressier occasion, if you like. This type of length, and even a longer length that goes down to your ankles, works for fall and can be paired with ankle boots, loafers or sneakers. BDG Striped Knit Midi Dress

For those that want something fun and different for a layer, try something like this poncho sweater. The length is great for feeling extra cozy, and the fringe adds a little more personality to your look. There are a lot of basic colours out there so try and go for one that has more design, some extra detail or interesting graphics. This is a great effortless piece to have, as you won’t need to put much thought about what to wear underneath. A simple tee or camisole, paired with flared or fitted jeans would work great with this poncho.

Ella Moss Fringe-Trim Lima Poncho Sweater

Men may think that there aren’t too many options out there for them other than the usual v-neck or crew neck sweaters at your local department store. Well, I’m here to prove you wrong! This particular turtleneck is in a shade of brown which is gorgeous for the fall, with buttons that go along the side to give it some detailing. For those that just want to be covered in warmth, while your favourite tee is in the wash, this is the piece to have.

NUUR Cardigan

The sweater below by Thom Browne is a great example of the types of blazers out there that are made out of knitwear. You can see that it works well with a dress shirt and tie underneath as a great layering piece, making it a great option for those days when you don’t feel like wearing a suit to work. If prints aren’t your thing, there are many other options in solid colours with different types of collars to fit your personal style.

THOM BROWNE Intarsia Knit CardiganFor casual days when you need a good sweater to wear atop a t-shirt or dress shirt, you can try something like this sweater by Alexander Wang. This hits all the right notes with the bright colours and the various patterns. These types of sweaters are more for those who aren’t too shy and don’t mind standing out of the crowd. ALEXANDER WANG Intarsia Knit Sweater

Those that are looking for a basic and polished piece for work, try this gorgeous aubergine cardigan by Giorgio Armani. As it is fitted, it’s best worn with an equally fitted dress shirt underneath, along with a blazer on top for an extra layer. For the business casual days, try it with a t-shirt underneath coupled with a pair of jeans to make it casual.

GIORGIO ARMANI V-Neck CardiganSo that’s that. This blog post was meant to provide you with a variety of knitwear to go with whatever your style is. From rocker style with images and graphic prints, to preppy style with collars and button-down cardigans. Remember that just because you’re covering up, doesn’t mean you have to give up your personal style!xo


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  1. […] others is that the material is of virgin wool so it gives off a different texture than your usual knits. Wear this atop a black turtleneck or collared shirt to make it just a bit more […]

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