Geometric Wonderland

Squares, circles, stripes and other shapes can be found in just about any clothing store you set your foot in. From the brightest of shades to the most minimal of patterns, geometric patterns are the way to go this season.


This sleeveless dress by Balmain has stripes going in different directions but is still pleasing to the eye. If you like something edgy and aren’t afraid of colours, this is the dress for you. This is a great outfit to go out in, especially if you feel like showing off those legs! Though it’s short in length, the pleating around the skirt gives it a softer look, while the band going around the waistline makes it more fitted, ensuring those curves aren’t hidden behind all the shapes and colours. Wear this with heels, a nice simple clutch and some knock out earrings.

BALMAIN Sleeveless Dress

Continuing on with items that are shorter in length, here’s a two-toned mini skirt with as many geometric shapes to make it a statement piece. The zipper adds just the right amount of edge, and the black band at the top provides a good break between your top and the skirt. Pair this with a solid-coloured tank, form-fitting dress shirt, crop top or a simple sweater. Whatever the top may be, ensure that it doesn’t take away from the design of the skirt. As for shoes, try designer sneakers, heels or ankle boots.

FAUSTO PUGLISI Front Zip Geometric Print Skirt

One thing I love, is a great top that can go with just about anything. This item by Vince looks like a simple black and white top from afar, but when you go up close, you can see that it’s made up of circles and triangles. As this is a silk top, it can be dressed up with dark skinny jeans, black faux leather/leather tights or tucked into a pencil skirt when going into work.

VINCE geometric print top

When it comes to dressing down and warming up, fear not! There are sweaters out there with geometric prints! Just because you need to wear a sweater, doesn’t mean you have to lose your personality. Here’s a great example: Kenzo’s “Oui Non” sweater. This option includes geometric shapes with fine lines and in a continuous print. Wear this tucked into a fitted, thicker skirt like the one below, or wear with fitted jeans/pants.

Kenzo OUI NON Sweater


There are just as many geometric clothes for men as there are for women. Take this jacket by Valentino, for instance. The lines and shapes work well for this jacket based on where they’re placed. As this jacket is structured, it gives off a confident and cool vibe. Wear it dressed up over a dress shirt with a pair of structured pants, or dressed down with a pair of jeans.

VALENTINO Geometric Bomber Jacket

When looking into tops, try this Burberry Brit collared shirt. The pattern gives off an army feel, but with use of geometric shapes. These shades are neutral so it’s great for those that don’t like too much colour, and for those that want to stay away from something too ‘loud’. This top can be dressed up and dressed down in just about anything you choose.

BURBERRY BRIT Geometric Pattern Shirt

Another option is this tee by Les Hommes. What’s great about t-shirts like this, is that they can be worn casual with jeans or knee-length shorts, or you can dress it up underneath a simple blazer and dark jeans. Since this shirt comes in the most basic of colours, you can layer it under just about any bright-coloured sweater or jacket, but the print makes it great to go with anything you have in your closet that would otherwise look basic on its own.

LES HOMMES geometric print T-shirt

For the cozy side, try this MSGM sweater. It’s got so many interesting shapes going on, but with the right amount of subtle colours. It almost looks as if you’re looking through a kaleidoscope with the way the shapes continue on in every angle. What also sets this sweater apart from the others is that the material is of virgin wool so it gives off a different texture than your usual knits. Wear this atop a black turtleneck or collared shirt to make it just a bit more refined.

MSGM Geometric Print Sweater

Sometimes, too many patterns and colours can be too distracting so it’s important that when you’re shopping around, try it on and see if you can pull it off, but keep in mind what your personal style is and what you already own that will pair well with the item. Even if it looks completely out of your comfort zone, you’ll never know until you try it on. Whatever your taste in clothes may be, you’re bound to find a piece you’ll absolutely love!xo


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