Monthly Archives: November 2015

Winter Blog

The winter blues are here (or just about to begin). People tend to mimic what they wear based on the weather outside. So, with winter, we get dark and dreary outfits. A great way to get out of this slump, is to introduce some colours into your outfit choices. Whites, greys and blacks are the typical go-to winter […]

Holiday Potlucks (Minus the Meat)

Holiday season is around the corner, and as we start to think of ideas for dinner parties and potlucks, I thought I would provide a good guidelines to consider when having vegetarians guests. Though people are becoming more welcoming to vegetarian options these days, there are still some unfortunate guests who don’t have any other choice but to […]

Warm Me Up

To get ourselves warmed up this season, there are a lot of wonderful jackets and blazers available to us that come in a thicker material like tweed, and with classic patterns like houndstooth and herringbone. Designers by the likes of Prada, Etro, Max Mara, Rodarte and Marc Jacobs are all embracing these materials this season. For those that are […]

Let’s Get Cheesy

During the week, it can become difficult to come up with delicious meals for dinner. Sometimes people like to freeze a casserole dish in the beginning of the week and store it in the freezer until it’s ready to be baked. There are a variety of casserole options for vegetarians, so I thought I would provide you […]