Warm Me Up

To get ourselves warmed up this season, there are a lot of wonderful jackets and blazers available to us that come in a thicker material like tweed, and with classic patterns like houndstooth and herringbone. Designers by the likes of Prada, Etro, Max Mara, Rodarte and Marc Jacobs are all embracing these materials this season.

For those that are into suits, blazers and jackets, here are a few of my favourites.

I’m a huge fan of bomber jackets, and this houndstooth jacket is a great example of taking a basic bomber and turning it into something stylish, yet practical due its warmth.

ASOS Premium Bomber Jacket in Houndstooth Camo Jacquard


For those that are looking for something long and are open to trying a baggier style in outerwear, this egg coat would be a great option. I love the oversized collar and the soft colour – neither white or camel – which can be hard to find in some stores.

Cooper & Stollbrand Egg Coat


For something fun, try this slightly whimsical blazer made of wool-rich herringbone tweed. With the option to wear it on its own, or to pair it with its matching skirt, this unique outfit combines lux wool material, a rich colour, and lace detailing around the cuffs.

ASOS PETITE Premium Tweed Blazer with Lace Cuff Detail


On the flip side, this men’s Valentino suit in houndstooth can look amazing on any type of body shape due to its tailored slim fit. The contrasting notch lapels, along with its camouflage-printed satin lining, makes this suit a wonderful departure from your everyday basic two-piece suits.

Blue Slim-fit Houndstooth Virgin Wool Suit


If you’re looking for something casual, this herringbone blazer is great to wear on its own with a pair of slim fit dress pants, jeans or khakis. You can also make it a dressy affair by pairing it with its matching pant and vest combo for a complete look.

ASOS Slim Suit Jacket In Herringbone With Shawl Lapel


When looking for a nice overcoat to top off your look, you can try something like this tweed jacket by Massimo Piombo. This warm brown colour, along with its checkered print keeps your closet up-to-date in today’s latest trend. Longer in length, this jacket creates a very structured look, making it a perfect pairing to a crisp dress shirt or turtleneck.



You can identify houndstooth based on its two-toned textile pattern characterized by broken checks or abstract four-pointed shapes, while herringbone is has a chevron shape, except with a break at reversal like a broken zigzag. Tweed is a classic type of material that can be found in either the twill or herringbone patterns and in most cases can be found to be rough to the touch.

Experimenting with different shapes, lengths and colour combinations can give you the opportunity to own something unique and different. Something that identifies best with who you are as a person. Make sure to consider these staple materials/patterns when searching for your next coat/suit. There are a lot of affordable options that can keep you warm throughout this season and well into Spring!xo


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